Bikes 101

  Spring is officially around the corner and that means more time outdoors and cycling season! If you are thinking about buying a new (or new for you) bike this season get all the tips you need to make a good choice. Whether you are training for an event or just want to ride for […]

Fuel your Ride

It is cycling season and there are many ways that you can enjoy getting outdoors on two wheels. Cycling is a great way to get in longer workouts without the impact of running and it allows you to go further. Eating right during a long ride can make your day. My Train For Your First […]

Gran Fondo Training Camp

Join Evolution Coaching for this preparatory weekend before the RBC GranFondo Banff. August 16-19th test your skills in the terrain of Banff and Canmore. Shayla will lead you through grueling climbs and long distances as you train your body for this year’s “Big Ride” in Banff or Whistler. Available as a bike only camp or […]

25 people, places and ideas that I am grateful for… the first 5

It is American Thanksgiving this weekend and a friend that lives in California sent me an email. She was celebrating Thanksgiving by sending me a note to tell me that she was grateful for our friendship. I have to say that this was a day when these kind words made such a difference to me.  […]

Last Challenge

I’m back. After my half marathon experience I haven’t been feeling very inspired. I also had a really hard time with my last challenge…the one where I was going to wish everyone well. Hmm, that was interesting. I can wish most people well:  homeless people, road ragers, people who stand in the express checkout with […]

Evolution Fall Health Challenge: You First.

Often people tell me they have no time for exercise. I find that hard to believe. Some of my fittest client’s have the busiest lives, CEOs, business owners, working parents; people who travel, have family, are engaged in their community, people who know that to run at optimal capacity they need to keep fit and […]

21 Days in July

The Tour de France is over. My favourite 21 days in July is finished for another year. Another year of waiting until it starts again. I love the tour, and so do many others. I love it, not only because it is a sightseeing tour of the beautiful French countryside and that the cyclist are […]

RBC GranFondo Whistler

 Click to watch the video! Saturday September 11th was the first Canadian GranFondo with 4000 cyclists riding from Vancouver to Whistler! I have to say I didn’t know what to expect. I have done so many events, some good, some better and some I don’t recommend, but this really was an amazing day. The weather […]

What you need to know

This month what you need to know is about fueling for a long ride. With the RBC GranFondo fast approaching the focus is on what you need to remember to be ready. There are three key points to remember when fueling for long distance cycling. They are hydration, providing fuel for your muscles and recovery […]


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